What is the fastest way to navigate to a project by its name in Eclipse or STS

I have a workspace with 100+ projects in Spring Tool Suite. It is becoming very clustered and hard to find what I want.

I often use CMD + Shift + R and CMD + Shift + T for opening a file by its name, but I don't remember all of them by heart.

I am in desperate need for a shortcut to just jump to a project by the project name. Plugins are welcome but I would prefer native solutions.

I have already tried the following, but they are not suitable for my situation:

  • Group related projects into Working set
  • Create a 2nd workspace
  • Close rarely used projects
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  1. I will still put an answer here, credit to @Andreas and @cllllluless:

    In STS, click on ANY file or ANY project itself, and start typing the first few letters of the target project, e.g. "pri". It will jump to the first project starting with "pri".

    Note I mention ANY project because the alphabetic order does not matter, you can click on "zoo-project" and typing "pri" will still bring you there to "pri"

    Note I mention ANY file because it is not necessary to click on the title of the project, you would click any file

    hello_harry2015-09-09 20:16:50
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