How to enable zoom for images in Apple Watch December 22    2

How to enable zoom for images in Apple Watch
I have an iOS app with Apple Watch app included. What I do with the solution is showing a trend chart (line graph) which is drawn in iOS app and sent to watch app. I use a WKInterfaceImage i ...

Images on apple watch December 22    4

I ran into a problem yesterday when my application was rejected. Apparently the images are not being displayed on the actual Apple Watch, however they are being displayed in the simulator. I even tried resetting the simulator and can't replicate the

Move a WKInterfaceImage on Apple Watch December 12    1

I'm trying to move a WKInterfaceImage. So far the answers I've found and code I've run lets me change the width and size. I want to be able to move an image like I would set the frame or offset to animate an image moving across the screen.Is this pos

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