Supervisor and perlbrew January 1    1

I try to use supervisor with perlbrew, but I can not make it work. For perlbrew I just tried to set the environment variable that go well, but perhaps it is better to make a script that launches perlbrew and plackup, this my configuration file:[progr

ZMQ sockets block when Starman receives HUP January 1    1

I have the following code. I want to call the $pub->close method when the starman server receives the HUP signal. How do I know that the child process ends?Could I use an END {} block? I tried this and it seems to work when plackup restarts (after an

Calling 'confess' under Plack/Starman December 17    1

I have a Plack/Starman application running with TryCatch statements that call 'confess' from the Carp module. However I notice that the confess output is not printing to STDOUT. I've tried routing STDERR output to STDOUT '2>&1', but still don't see

Why use nginx with Catalyst/Plack/Starman December 17    3

I am trying to deploy my little Catalyst web app using Plack/Starman. All the documentation seems to suggest I want to use this in combination with nginx. What are the benefits of this? Why not use Starman straight up on port 80?3 AnswersIt doesn't h

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