Writing from Datahandler to file December 31

I created a web service using CXF/MTOM for transfering large files (over 700Mo), i managed to transfer the file to the server , now my question is to optimze writing data in disk, i will give examples :DataHandler handler = fichier.getFichier(); Inpu

Custom DataHandler for SOAP using Java December 20    2

I am having an application where two processes talk using SOAP. A file is being transferred from Process A to Process B. Where Process B will store it to DB.opqData.setBase64Binary(new DataHandler(new FileDataSource(file))); where file is the data wh

SOAP attachment and data handler December 20    1

How do I retrieve SOAP attachments? I am doing something like the following:Iterator<AttachmentPart> i = soapMessage.getAttachments(); while(i.hasNext()) { AttachmentPart obj =; InputStream rawContent = obj.getRawContent(); } The raw conten

Checking user input python closed December 16    1

In my inputCheck function when the users input is passed through after being checked wether is an acceptable input should be confirmed by the print message and then run another function - however it doesn't do that and I cant figure out why - Would y

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