Setting up ccache with Qt Creator on Windows December 21    2

I'm trying to set up ccache in Qt Creator on Windows.Unfortunatelly I couldn't find any good instruction. How to make it working?I have ccache installed with Cygwin. edit:I've tried adding QMAKE_CXX+="ccache g++" as additional parameter in qmake

ccache build with CCACHE_READONLY takes more time than usyal December 20

my codebase takes 3 hour 15 mins to build a normal clean build and 1 hour 45 mins for a fresh checkout build with ccache enabled for a branch. There is a CI job setup to build this branch continuously using ccache and it updates the ccache with the l

Android ccache sharing among workspaces December 20

I want to share the ccache built using one workspace to be utilized by another workspace, so that one copy of ccache data is used for compiling identical source code.E.x: 1) Created a workspace (home/user/source_code1). 2) synced the code here from t

when is the case to use ccache December 20    1

As far as I know, ccache speed up compilation by catching previous compilations and detecting when the same compilation is being done again. however, makefile do the same thing. so why should we need ccache? when is the case we use it? thanks!1 Answe

ccache BASEDIR (shared) configuration December 20    1

Environment is Ubuntu 12I have two different versions of the same build. one located under /media/CM10/custom the other under /home/malachi/CM10/android/systemI have a specialized which is invoked by the main build process and they eac

Is there a Ccache for Visual Studio December 20    4

I am aware that scons implements the functionality of ccache, but I am stuck with another build system.I also know there is a gocache project on sourceforge that aims to implement ccache-like functionality for other compilers, but it seems not comple

g++, colorgcc and ccache December 20    6

Trying to combine ccache and colorgcc. Following link text:my g++ is soft link to colorgcc~/.colorgccrc contains line: "g++: ccache /usr/bin/g++" When running g++ --version receive:Can't exec "ccache /usr/bin/gcc": No such file or dire

How to Use CCache with CMake December 20    5

I would like to do the following: If CCache is present in PATH, use "ccache g++" for compilation, else use g++. I tried writing a small my-cmake script containing CC="ccache gcc" CXX="ccache g++" cmake $* but it does not seem

ccache and absolute path December 20    2

I use cmake to create a makefiles. cmake creates gcc line containing absolute pathes. To speed up compilation I use ccache. Building same code from different locations (e.g. several developers compile the same code, each under its home directory) cau

CCACHE configuration December 9    1

I have a question related to CCACHE configuration. In our development environment we have hundreds of make files that build objects using absolute paths. I Wanted to speed up the process and use CCACHE. Unfortunately when compiling from different loc

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