Can't parse SimpleXML from Basecamp API in PHP January 5    1

I'm using CodeIgniter and a Basecamp class written for it to connect to and retrieve data from the Basecamp API. I am connecting fine and grabbing data fine and its being returned using SimpleXML (you can specify XML or SimpleXML in the request).I am

Basecamp OAuth2 with PHP January 5    1

I am trying to create an app for Basecamp. I managed to connect and pull data using curl (Basecamp API using cURL and PHP). However this requires the users login data.I would like to use OAuth2 with Basecamp as in

Echo avatars of project members Basecamp (PHP) January 5

I'm working on a Basecamp widget which will have to show important information about the projects we are currently working on. Since I could not find any relevant and detailed documentation on this matter I would like to ask the community for help.My

BasecampCreating a private upload January 5    1

I am trying to create a Private upload using the bcx API.But for some reason I cannot find, the upload is uploaded successfully but it's not being marked as Private.The documentation is here:

Basecamp oauth: Returned identity ID January 5

In the new Basecamp API the auth docs say: An identity, which is NOT used for determining who this user is within a specific application. The id field should NOT be used for submitting data within any application's API. This field can be used to get

New basecamp api tells me there's no basecamp account at this address December 24    1

I'm new to basecamp api, and while trying out the simplest example:curl -u user:pass -H 'User-Agent: MyApp ([email protected])' I got the error says:There's no Basecamp account at this address. S

basecamp api tells me there's no basecamp account December 24    1

So I'm trying to make use of the Basecamp API. The new one located here: I see a similar question that was asked here on SO:New basecamp api tells me there's no basecamp account at this addressI tried to follow t

google apps script post basecamp December 20    1

I'm trying to make calls to Basecamp's new API through Google Apps Script. GET, I can do. POST, not so much.Starting with the path My code:var headers = { 'User-Agent' : BCuseragent,

Basecamp 3 Automatic Check-ins API December 20    1

I don't see an obvious way to integrate w/ the Check-ins section of Basecamp 3 via API. Is there one?1 AnswersThere are now three versions of Basecamp. Classic, Basecamp2, and now Basecamp3 (introduced in the fall of 2015). The Check-ins feature is p

Basecamp HQ API and Rails December 19    1

So I'm using the Basecamp HQ (classic) API and a Ruby Wrapper to set up a Rails application to mass add and delete to-do items, milestones and messages. Right now, I have two controllers--projects and projectSummary (projects has_many projectsummarie

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