Recursive md5sum differs on windows and linux January 8    1

I'm doing this on both Windows (with cygwin) and a Linux box:find DWH-R1.4.3/ -type f -print0 | sort -z | xargs -r0 md5sum | md5sum in order to get a consistent md5sum for a software-delivery. But I get different md5sums on each machine.I thought it

valgrind reports mkl's dsyev memory leak January 8    1

I'm trying to use mkl's dsyev to calculate eigenvalues and vectors. I found this example from intel.It works but when I use valgrind to test it, it gives 1665 lines of errors. It's too much so I'll post it at the end.Most of them are uninitialized va

Unoconv as apache user unable to create files January 8    2

I am using unoconv as apache user to create PDF files. It runs fine as a terminal user but when I run it as an apache user. I get errors.sudo -u apache /usr/bin/unoconv -o /home/gloryque/tmp/1431347151.pdf -f pdf /home/gloryque/tmp/8.doc I am getting

Apache HTTP Server offline installation January 8

Apache HTTP Server offline installation
Is is possible to use Apache web server with out installing latest rpm for Apache HTTPD using rpm Uvh httpd<version>.<arch>.rpm or yum install httpd , like we can do for tomcat o ...

Centos httpd using 7.5GB of memory January 8    1

I'm having an issue that i trouble to figure out the cause. I have a Centos VPS with Vesta CP that host couple of domains. My issue is that it stops almost all services after few minutes and i found out that the httpd process is using 7.5GB of memory

Just listen to Mutiple port January 8    1

I am creating an executable which should just listen to multiple ports and print (dump) the data. Is it possible to do it in c++? I am only getting examples for server client model. Thanks in advance1 AnswersYou could create a thread per socket/port

Obtain port number to which a server is listening to January 8    2

I am interfacing MATLAB with COMSOL, a scientific software that servers as my computation server here.After I start COMSOL, it starts to port 2036 by default. If the port is busy, it listens to port 2037 and so on. Then, in MATLAB, I have to specify

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