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What command opens Ruby's REPL December 30    2

What command opens Ruby's REPL?In Python, you simply open python without any arguments.2 AnswersThere are several REPLs for Ruby.The standard library ships with a REPL called IRb (for Interactive Ruby), which installs a program named irb, but since i

What does opening a file actually do December 6    7

In all programming languages (that I use at least), you must open a file before you can read or write to it. But what does this open operation actually do?Manual pages for typical functions dont actually tell you anything other than it 'opens a file

What xls parser library is used in open office December 18    1

What does open office use for importing xls files and csv files. Is it a library (or a body of code that can be easily packaged) that I could use in my project for importing xls and csv files? I'm building an analytics app and looking for a robust wa

What is the difference between sigaction and signal December 8    6

I was about to add an extra signal handler to an app we have here and I noticed that the author had used sigaction to set up the other signal handlers. I was going to use signal. To follow convention I should use sigaction but if I was writing from s

Open Word Document and Bring to Front December 12    3

Below is a (working) code snippet that opens a Microsoft Word document, and goes to a specific index from the Table of Contents. filePath is just a filepath, and strTopic is a value that links to the ToC in the Word Doc. Set objWord = CreateObject("W

Table Row onclickchange page, or open new tab December 12    1

I have a table with rows, that when clicked, take the user to a page with more detailed information about the item that row was describing. Unfortunately, it always changes the current page, and our users would like to be able to middle-mouse/control

How to set window.opener in Firefox December 12    1

I have old code, which uses window.opener. I changed opening method of these pages from popup to iframe in a jquery dialog. That works fine with IE and Chrome, where I only need to reset window.opener in onload event. But Firefox does not play ball.

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