Using If and VLOOKUP Together

using TCPDF and FPDI together December 6    2

I have a doubt about using TCPDF and FPDI together. I am working on a project where I need to modify existing PDF file and generate new PDF, actually existing PDF are Greeting card template and I have to print certain data at certain pages (such as I

Using JUnit and TestNG together December 26    2

Do you think it's a good idea to use JUnit and TestNG together in one project? I need some features from TestNG, but I also need JUnit specific extensions, like DbUnit and XmlUnit.And if I use them together, do you think I should put both test packag

Using grep and awk together December 28    2

I have a file (A.txt) with 4 columns on numbers and another file with 3 columns of numbers (B.txt). I need to solve the following problems:Find all lines in A.txt whose 3rd column has a number that appears any where in the 3rd column of B.txt.Assume

C, how to use fgets and fscanf together January 2    1

i hav a homework form univ. that is use file IO.there is like this TXT file:Brian s213551 50 70 70 50 Alex Fernandes s210011 70 81 50 89 Young Lee s211213 60 80 60 90 ... and more I have to read this file and save to var in struct. and prof. said to

how can i use xibs and storyboards together December 15    2

Is it possible to put some xib files into a storyboard project. If so can I make it so when someone pushes a button in the storyboard it goes to the xib files. For example i have a storyboard with some views and I'm trying to put a calendar in it but

using Flask and Tornado together December 16    1

I am a big fan of Flask - in part because it is simple and in part because has a lot of extensions. However, Flask is meant to be used in a WSGI environment, and WSGI is not a non-blocking, so (I believe) it doesn't scale as well as Tornado for certa

Parser Generator: How to use GPLEX and GPPG together December 16    4

After looking through posts for good C# parser generators, I stumbled across GPLEX and GPPG. I'd like to use GPLEX to generate tokens for GPPG to parse and create a tree (similar to the lex/yacc relationship). However, I can't seem to find an example

Is it bad practice to use swing and awt together closed December 19    1

If so why? What sort of conflict can come from this? I am trying to minimise the weird errors you can get in java by finding out what the best practices are so hopefully using them will keep me out of trouble! I have read a couple of swing vs awt thr

Use CVS and GIT together in Eclipse December 24    1

I already have a CVS and that cvs is used to share the source among other developers. But I need to keep a track of my source code changes separately. Moving the project from cvs to git is not practicable here.. and you may think that why 2 versionin

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