Postgres Constraint

Correct Way to Validate Django Model Objects December 13    1

I'm still trying to understand the correct way to validate a Django model object using a custom validator at the model level. I know that validation is usually done within a form or model form. However, I want to ensure the integrity of my data at th

Bulk load Postgres with unique constraints December 14    1

I have a large amount of data (100's of GB) that I want to load into Postgres. I have been reading the documentation, where it suggests removing indexes and foreign keys. want to have

Postgres unique constraint not enforcing uniqueness December 14    2

Postgres unique constraint not enforcing uniqueness
Here is my constraint:CREATE UNIQUE INDEX index_subscriptions_on_user_id_and_class_type_id_and_deleted_at ON subscriptions USING btree (user_id, class_type_id, deleted_at); This query proves ...

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