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looping starting from last object in c# December 13    3

How can I loops the list of object strating from last position object in c#. Here, I have asp.net mvc 3 application where I need to create the directory to upload the path according to the category available if directory is not available. But list of

How to get NSTimeInterval value from last boot December 15    3

I need to get NSTimeInterval value from last device boot. I found CACurrentMediaTime() which suits this task, but in my app I am not using Core Animation and I don't think that this is the best way to include this framework just to get this function.

substring from last match in php duplicate December 17    2

This question already has an answer here: How to extract a file extension in PHP? 16 answers I have string "katrina.bhuvnesh.jpg" , I want to get jpg that means substring that matches the last dot(.) I looked in substr() function but it's not wo

SQLite: INSERT only if price is different from last row December 21    2

I have a SQLite simple table with 2 columns:timestamp |last_price 1419873093|900.0 1419874283|900.0 1419940915|900.0 1419946324|916.58 1419946981|914.46 1419947981|800.0 I'd like to insert new values only if the price is different from last row price

Itunes connect change from last week December 22    1

In my iTunes connect developer profile, I see a change from last week, and just below it says a change next to the number of units sold. What is this "change"? Is this how many people uninstalled the app? 1 AnswersNo, its the difference between

Get artist image from last.fm xml (api artist.getinfo) December 23    1

I wanted to ask you help I have an xml source (http://livefmhits.6te.net/nowplay.xml) it gives me the source of the song and I wanted to remove the cover through the lastfm (artist.getinfo) in echo I tried as follows:<?php $xml = simplexml_load_file(

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