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PHP/Zend Framework path issue December 11    4

I've been trying to get to grips with zend framework and a bit of php and am having problems with (I think) some sort of path setting.Basically I'm having some problems with getting a simple page to work.I have a standard directory structure from the

PHP/Zend Framework 2Unable to display table field values within dynamically generated table December 13    2

PHP/Zend Framework 2Unable to display table field values within dynamically generated table
ProblemI am trying to display field values into a table using Zend Framework 2 and PHP/MySQL. Given the following table which is dynamically generated, I am trying to get the values shown be ...

PHP Zend Framework Generator December 16    4

I am in the phase of learning Zend Framework for PHP development, I have been doing 'dirty' PHP programming for about 2 years now and I have learnt quite a bit from my mistakes.I have been introduced to Ruby On Rails, it is a great framework and Ruby

Country to timezones in PHP/Zend Framework January 3    1

Is there a way in Zend Framework or default PHP to map a country (using country code) to a list of timezones? As an example I'm trying to replicate the Google functionality when searching for "time in australia right now" which displays all of t

Ajax error with URL (PHP zend framework) December 24

I have problem in Ajax request. I am working on PHP5 with Zend framework, locally on wamp server. On one local site called http://internship/conv I try to do Ajax request to action from my controller (ConvController). Everytime i get some error (500

php zend framework log mysql queries December 25    3

I am trying to log the sql queries when a script is running. I am using zend framework and I already checked zend db profiler and this is not useful as this shows "?" for the values in a insert query..I need the actual values itself so that I ca

Is there a Rails like before in PHP Zend Framework December 27    1

In Rails, we can execute functions, before a URL is called, for example. IS there a something similar in zend framework? For example, if I want to update the datetime of the last viewed page, at every page for the currently logged in user, I'd want t

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