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Can I bind the visibility of a button to the IsSelected property of its containing ItemTemplate December 24    2

Can I bind the visibility of a button to the IsSelected property of its containing ItemTemplate
I am working on a Windows Store app. One page contains a ListView that has a StackPanel with some TextBlocks and three buttons: I would like to have the three buttons be visible only when th ...

how to catch tab button in shell line December 20    1

I want create a script with default arguments, of manner how some commands display default arguments pressing tab button in linux In first instance I want to catch the tab button with the command trap, but it is not a correct way since the tab button

Rebinding do notation for indexed monads December 26    1

I was following Conor McBride's "Kleisli arrows of outrageous fortune" paper and I've posted my implementation of his code here. Briefly, he defines the following types and classes:type a :-> b = forall i . a i -> b i class IFunctor f wher

How to bind D and C December 15    2

Can someone point me to a good tutorial of how to call C code from D ( and possibly to call a FORTRAN library from D)?I've researched the topic online and keep finding incomplete examples. I would like someone to spell it out for me one time. For exa

WPF, MVVM datagrid row binding December 16    2

I am wandering if anyone could help me work out the binding issues I am having?Snippets of Code:<DataGrid AutoGenerateColumns="False" Grid.Column="1" Grid.Row="1" SelectionMode="Single" HorizontalAlignment="

Using template functions in nested boost bind December 20    1

How can I template these functions?boost::function< void(int) > binder( void(*func)(int, char), int a1, char a2 ) { return boost::bind( func, a1, a2 ); } void proxy( boost::function< void(int) > func, int a1 ) { boost::bind( func, a1 )(); } I

xcode spell checking December 22    2

Is there a way to enable spell checking in xcode (maybe and add-on) that does spell checking only inside comments and not in code? (like vim/emacs spell checker).I have tried what is described in this answer but it seems check the entire document sin

org.springframework.expression.spel.SpelEvaluationException: EL1004E:(pos 15):Method call: Method getId() cannot be found on java.util.ArrayList type December 25    1

I need help fixing this error, in the first place i want to get all commands then when i choose one i should get more detail about command chosen,any help would be much appreciated. [email protected] public class BaseEntity implements

How do I implement a solr spell checker January 1    1

I want to implement a spellchecker component in my search application using solr. What configuration is required to change for it?1 AnswersAdd the following section to your solrconfig.xml <searchComponent name="spellcheck" class="solr.Sp

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