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How to design a table in dynamodb for Carts December 18    1

I have a use case where in a person can have no. of carts. This is possible because 1) user can complete an order with a cart and after that cart is considered closed 2) user can leave a cart for 2 months and it is considered expired. If user adds ne

client side table to excel with jquery December 18    2

I'd like to client side table to excel .xls, no server side Followed code includes simple table and javascript and table to excel successfully but doesn't work in firefox or chrome?How can I run it in all browsers?<script type="text/javascript&quo

T-SQL database design and tables December 13    3

I'd like to hear some opinions or discussion on a matter of database design. Me and my colleagues are developing a complex application in finance industry that is being installed in several countries.Our contractors wanted us to keep a single applica

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