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Hello I needed to know how do I uncomment out code in eclipse? I know Crtl+Shift+C will comment out a set of code how do I undo that?

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  1. Here You have all shortcuts for Eclipse:

    As You can see on point 7, its Ctrl + Shift + \.

    UncleChris2015-03-19 13:43:40
  2. As Already said, It is the same shortcut to comment and uncomment.

    I Would like to precise the most important, IMHO, shortcut in Eclipse : ctrl + shift + l which lists all the shortcuts.

    A. Ocannaille2015-03-19 14:17:22
  3. To comment any code, select it and press Ctrl + 7. Use again to undo.

    2015-03-20 13:45:20
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