Shortcut for comment Ctrl+7 in eclipse doesn t work

I use Eclipse for PHP Developers ( Helios SR2) in Mac OS X. I'm used to use Cmd + 7 in Windows, for Java. Here it doesn't work ( The equivalent Apple + 7) I went to preferences > General > Key, and try to change shortcut. I have 5 lines about Add Comment block, I change all 5, but I can't get it working with my personal shortcut. Also, I have U in user column.

What should I do???


1 Answers
  1. Try for single comment to use as CMD + / or CMD + 7 after editing/selecting line.

    Notice: From Windows CTRL on APPLE is CMD key! So use as

    CMD + 7

    CMD + /

    2014-02-07 15:41:13
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