ASIHTTPRequest async request in model class January 10    1

I want to use ASIHTTPRequest or ASIFormDataRequest in my model class. How can I delegate or detect request status, and return value.Such as:I've a Controller having IBAction DoIt:sender. I want to call Connector->DoIt and call my Controller back when

Obj-C: Implementing delegate of custom subclass January 10    1

In the ASIHTTPRequestdocumentation, it says:For more complex situations, or where you want to parse the response in the background, create a minimal subclass of ASIHTTPRequest for each type of request, and override requestFinished: and failWithError:

Networking using a separate thread on iOS January 10    2

The application that I develop is an iOS client that communicates with an OS X server. The current version of this application does all the networking logic on the main thread and this works fine for what I want to do.However, in the next version, I

How to post image and text on facebook wall without using open graph API January 10    2

How to post image and text on facebook wall without using open graph API
I have developed a sample project where i am displaying Text and an Image and i am able to post it on facebook wall . I have shown the code and the image of it below .This appears like how w ...

How to post both text, image and link at once on friends' walls via facebook API January 10    2

How to post both text, image and link at once on friends' walls via facebook API
How to let someone post on his/her friends' walls via facebook API, similar to iPhone application lets you post on your own wall?How to show a list of friends and allow selecting ...

Designing an API for the client to a 3rd-party service January 10    3

I am fairly new to Scala and I'm working on an application (library) which is a client to a 3rd-party service (I'm not able to modify the server side and it uses custom binary protocol). I use Netty for networking.I want to design an API which should

Effectively using the Decorator pattern January 10    1

I am designing a library that provides access to the Bug Tracker application our company uses.For the time being, we simply need access to simple functions:Open DefectQuery defect (search by given criteria)Connect/Disconnect from Bug Tracker I design

Recommended Approach to Creating a Facade Over a Web Service API January 10    1

History: There is a web service I use that is based half on the latest MISMO dtd (for the property in question) and the other half are reports that are to be run against that property. All this is bundled up into one big piece of xml and POSTED to th

Is this a proper use of DTO January 10    1

I'm writing a console application that does a good amount of data retrieval from stored procedure recordsets. For each recordset type I'm working with, I have a Repository that uses EF with custom complex types to retrieve the data:public interface I

Multi-Tier ArchitectureResponsibility questions January 10    2

I'm developing an application which implements multi-tier pattern where MySQL is used for persistence. There is a WCF service which provides access to data and provides DTOs.Further, I plan to implement the following patterns: - DTOs - MVP (not yet s

Best approach to design a service oriented system January 10    1

Thinking about service orientation, our team are involved on new application designs. We consist in a group of 4 developers and a manager (that knows something about programming and distributed systems). Each one, having own opinion on service design

SOAP Webservice errordesign practice January 10    4

I need to design a SOAP api (my first one!). What are the best practices regarding errors returned to the caller.Assuming an api as follow[WebMethod] public List<someClass> GetList(String param1) { } Should IThrow an exception. Let the SOAP infrastr

How to create a CXF webservice client with dynamic endpoint January 10    4

We have a central WSDL file that describes a web service. We use CXF to generate client code, but this code seems to be bound to 1 endpoint. How can i create a CXF client that uses the WSDL, but where I can specify the endpoint? Is there are way in c

xs:any wrapper xml schema validation January 10    3

Hi I'm trying to find a way to develop a schema that extends another schema validate XML structures. Lets say we have Schema A and it contains an extension point using the <xs:any> element So that we have a schema like this:Source.xsd:<xs:complex

Java WebService adding CDATA field in response January 10

I'm working on a webservice where, i created the wsdl and generated the java classes using apache axis2.The problem I'm trying to solve is, while creating web service response I have to set text with special characters like Books & Pens Or Value is &l

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