How do i limit the result of a sqlite loop in a for loop January 10    1

I have 4 radio buttons nested in 4 radio groups. The answers_log string is the result of a sqlite query. The query returns from the database 4 results. I want to display only this 4 results in each radio group. With this code, in stead of displaying

In Java, how do I add the results from each loop January 10    2

I got this program to work except for the if (more == JOptionPane.NO_OPTION) { System.out.print("\nTotal profit/loss: $"); System.out.print(profitandloss); } section, at the end of the program it will only display the result of the final loop, r

How to import an api library to eclipse JAVA January 10    3

How to import an api library to eclipse JAVA
first of all, thanks for all the times this comunity helped me, and sorry for my english.The problem: I want to use a public library for the RIOT games api, this library: ...

How to use API documentation January 10    4

People generally say they use API documentation and code.I'm relatively okay in JAVA language,meaning I can write simple programs. Recently for the project am working on, I'm asked to work on SOAPUI tool and am reading SOAPUI API for writing code in

Warning client about deprecated REST API January 10

We are deprecating the REST service and we want to inform the client about this. what is the best practice followed?I can think of following options Pass the deprecation warning message as part of service response JSON/XMLPass the warning message in

Why do I get this retarget to API 10 warning January 10

I did update Android SDK on Friday and since than I get the warning "This platform is deprecated. Please re-target your app for a minumum of API-10" at Visual Studio although my minSdkVersion is API 8. What shall I do?

How can i remove an unckecked cast warning in java January 10    3

i have this piece of code:import; import java.rmi.Naming; import java.rmi.NotBoundException; import java.rmi.Remote; import java.rmi.RemoteException; public class ClientLookup<T extends Remote> { private T sharedObject

Throttling a Rest API in Java January 10    4

I wanted to add a way to throttle the number of requests coming on each API from a certain client. So, I wanted to basically limit the number of requests per API per client. I am using DropWizard as framework. Can somebody recommend the ways to achie

I'm working on a php shopping list function/api January 10    1

return an array of Shopping List objects, either for a shopper, or the lists that have the "suggested" flag = 'Y'when i manually add the token to the $_GET i come back with a blank array. [{},{}] but if i var_dump($shopper_list) i get two differ

PHP Code for API not working closed January 10    2

Last time I posted a question here I was asked to not ask questions about getting specific software to work, but rather more general programming questions...That said, I did find some PHP code online that seems to suit my needs. I am running a script

jsonfx typehintname is not working for deserialization January 10

I'm using JsonFx 1.4.1003.3007 in my application. I have a model that contains a abstract property which will be replaced by a concrete implementation of the abstract class. This is how the class looks like I'm go deserialize:public class TableBasedR

Factory Design Pattern for alternating API Implementations January 10    2

I am currently working on a PHP Web Interface that allows for the management of hardware inventory. In my previous version, I implemented several API's (Monitoring Software/Billing Software/Deployment Software) but as they were the ones my company us

How to create a public API for an existing codebase January 10    2

I'm trying to create a public C++ API for a private code base that is also written in C++. I tried to do this as follows:Create a wrapper API class for each private class.Have a common API base class that has a pointer to the private class.The API cl

Class vs Module in designing Ruby API January 10    3

When I read more about Ruby metaprogramming, most of the time we found at least two solutions to solve a problem. Please look at two examples below:class Base def self.has_many(*args) # ... end end class Student < Base has_many :books end Another sty

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