How to use friend class but introduce less dependence January 10    2

Project A PA.h: #include "Common.h" class PA { void func() { Common::getInstance()->cm(); Common::getInstance()->onlyCallByPA(); } } ----------------------------------- Project Common Common.h class Common { SINGLETON public: void cm(){} p

Creating and using func pointer to method of friend class January 10    1

I have 2 classes:enum class Enumtype { typ1, typ2, }; class A { private: retType Func1(arg1Type, arg2Type, arg3Type); retType Func2(arg1Type, arg2Type, arg3Type); public: A(); retType Func(Enumtype, arg1Type, arg2Type, arg3Type); } class B { private:

Unable to call constructor of friend class closed January 10    1

I am trying to call my SocketConnection constructor from inside the definition of the node class, but I'm failing to understand the compile error I'm getting - I fail to see why the compiler thinks the constructor I declared for SocketConnection is n

building a factory with object repository in C++ January 10    3

I want to create a factory for creation of objects implementing an abstract interface, which would return a reference to the object that is kept internally, and objects are not replicated. The idea is pretty much the same as in the log4cxx/log4j Logg

Can you call a protected method inside a overwrite private virtual January 10

I having a link error (unresolved external symbol) for a protected method (not virtual) being called in a virtual private method that Im overwriting. The link error is solved by changing protected to public...??? I didnt found any info on that.. Thin

Friendship not inheritedwhat are the alternatives January 10    3

I have written/am writing a piece of physics analysis code, initially for myself, that will now hopefully be used and extended by a small group of physicists. None of us are C++ gurus. I have put together a small framework that abstracts the "physics

Assignment operator and class inheritance January 10

Suppose the following case (Dreaded Diamond):EXAMPLE class Base //It's the Base class { //... Base& operator=(const Base&); //Copy construct //... }; class Derived1:virtual public Base { //... Derived1& operator=(const Derived1&); //... }

c++ derive pure abstract w/ nested struct January 10    2

I'm trying to set up a syntactical sugar similar to the c# property concept.I've read this post: C#-like properties in native c++?. It's helpful, but lacks the design I want. I also respectfully disagree with several of the assertions made there that

inherited friendship January 10    1

now before you guys start raging, here me out. Yes, i recognize that it is actually intended for friendship to not be inherited, i'm just trying to find some way to get something similar to it. Here is my situation (no real code, just theory). i'm wo

Inheritance and Friendship access. C++ January 10    2

I have the following query;classB inherits from classA classC is friend of classB Doesn't this mean classC should be able to access protected member of classA? Since classB inherits this from classA, an classC can access everything in class classB? 2

C++ Friendship and inheritance closed January 10    3

I know that friendship is not inherited. I was asking myself: why? Why the C++ designers decided to not let friendship be inherited? Do you find that friendship inheritance would be a useful thing to have? My own answer is yes: in the same way that B

Public member of class and its access January 10    3

Can we use public data member or member function in function which is declared in program but that are not member of that class ?3 AnswersPublic data members of a class can be accessed by any function.Public member functions of a class can be called

Get All Folder and Documents in Repository Alfresco Restful January 10    3

I'm learning Alfresco. I want get all folder and documents in Repository with Restful API. How can I do this?3 AnswersWebscripts are a nice way to build your own API but in this case you should be fine with the buildin API that Alfresco provides you

Access to Alfresco REST APIs January 10    2

Are the Alfresco REST APIs only available when running in the cloud or can I use them with our inhouse install?2 AnswersAlfresco exposes a number of different REST-like APIs. The one you probably refer to is the latest Cloud API which is indeed only

REST API having same object, but light January 10    2

We are building a REST API and we want to return the same object, but one call is a 'light' version (without all the field)what is the best practice ?1st casefull version:{objectId}light version:

Java OSGI. Maven vs Eclipse+Antbest practice closed January 10    1

I have programmed quite a bit of java, and are familiar with maven and eclipse, but I haven't made an OSGi before.Our scenario is this:Create an OSGi bundle, intended to being dropped in as a plugin to an already existing and proprietary java webapp,

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