Java Class That Has 90% Static Members. Good Practice Or What January 10    7

I'm 14 and have been learning java for about 4/5 months. I'm coding a game now called super mario winshine and i wanted to know if it is good practice to have a class that is mostly static variables. The class is the one that holds all the informatio

Java fields and accessor methods, from within the class January 10    4

Is using Java fields directly or using the accessor method better? Within the same class.Example:private ArrayList<String> list; list.get(0); orgetList().get(0); 4 AnswersWithin the same class it fine to access the members directly, the encapsulatio

Overriding a super class' instance variables January 10    9

Why we are not able to override a instance variable of a super class in subclass? 9 AnswersBecause if you changed the implementation of a data member it would quite possibly break the superclass (imagine changing a superclass's data member from a flo

Java force fields inheritance January 10    4

I know there have been lots of thread about Java inheritance (and i already read it), but they all stand for "how it is", and I need knowledge "how to change it". So, we have 2 classes:class t1{ public int a=5; public void get(){ Syste

convert a Class attribute to Field January 10    1

Can I convert a Class attribute to appropriate Fieldclass?For example consider the following code:class Test { Integer A; void init() { Field fA = ???; } } I want fA to describe Test.A.1 AnswersField fA = Test.class.getDeclaredField("A"); shyam2

Inheritance and polymorphism problems January 10    3

I have this code form the book SCJP:1. class Mammal { 2. String name = "furry "; 3. String makeNoise() { return "generic noise"; } 4. } 5. 6. class Zebra extends Mammal { 7. String name = "stripes "; 8. String makeNoise() { r

Field shadowing or overriding January 10    1

I have two classes (A and B) and B extends A.public class A { protected int i = 1; } public class B extends A{ protected int i = 2; } In this case the program writes 1.A a = new B(); System.out.println(a.i); //1 But if I assign value i in the constru

Java Inheritance. Interesting thing January 10    2

Consider having the piece of code:public class Base { int a = 1; public int getA() { System.out.print("Super"); return a; } public static void main(String[] argv) { Base base = new Sub(); System.out.println(base.a + " " + base.getA());

which type of attribute of the subclass can not be inherited January 10    3

class Test4{ int a=2; public static void main(String[] args){ Test4 test4=new Test4(); Test4 test5=new Test5(); System.out.println("test4_a="+test4.a); System.out.println("test5_a="+test5.a); System.out.println(test4.a==test5.a); } } c

Instance Variables Overriding inheritance JAVA duplicate January 10    1

This question already has an answer here: Access modifiers and hiding Java fields 2 answers /* package whatever; // don't place package name! */ import java.util.*; import java.lang.*; import*; /* Name of the class has to be "Main" only

How to access fields from interface implementation for testing January 10    3

I have an interface with a few methodspublic interface Turret { void firePrimary(); void fireSecondary(); void reloadPrimary(); ....... } I have implementation of it which has protected fields. In my implementation of the above methods I change the v

Is there a way to essentially override a final variable January 10    6

I know you can't override variables, but is there a way to essentially "override" the final worker variable below?public class ClassA { final protected CustomClass worker; public doComplicatedWork() { .... worker.doSomething(); .... } } Essentia

Why variables are not behaving as same as method while Overriding. January 10    10

Generally Overriding is the concept of Re-defining the meaning of the member in the sub class.Why variables are not behaving like methods while Overriding in java ?For instance:class Base { int a = 10; void display() { System.out.println("Inside Base

C++: hide class construction from user January 10    1

I am developing a series of event classes. These classes contain information acquired from a system. They are from different natures and may contain different messages, for example: one possible event will contain a huge list of number, while another

c++ class friend January 10    7

I'm trying to compile such code:#include <iostream> using namespace std; class CPosition { private: int itsX,itsY; public: void Show(); void Set(int,int); }; void CPosition::Set(int a, int b) { itsX=a; itsY=b; } void CPosition::Show() { cout <<

Using attribute in class from friend and heritage c++ January 10    1

I think I really should explain myself about my question :pSo, I have a class c (let's start from the end), in this class c I want to use an attribute which is defined in class A. But my class c does not inherit from A, it is a friend of class b whic

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