Base class & derived class in a package January 10    4

When I create the base and derived class in the same directory without specifying any package they compile fine, but adding them to a package leads to an error in derived class saying that it is not able find he symbol of base class. This error is fr

Java Annotation: On property or on method What the difference January 10    2

Hibernate Search, Hibernate, Struts2... I see more examples... In same examples I see the annotation on the field.. Other on the get/set method.. There are differences? Or is casual.. I hope that is not a stupid question! Saluti!Luigi2 AnswersThe dif

Embedded Parent/Child relation in same class January 10

I'm trying to map a Parent Child relationship within a single table with a composite id. But I had some difficulties with it and could not seem to find the right answer through Google & Stackoverflow.Now, while writing this posting, I figured it out!

WAP in Java to print the sequence 1 32 456 10987 January 10    1

I am unable to crack the algorithm for this one. Question: WAP in JAVA to print the sequence 13*24*5*610*9*8*711*12*13*14*15Please Help. !!1 Answerstry this one:final int n = 15; int i = 1; int cnt = 1; boolean ltr = true; while (i < n) { String s =

How JVM handles static variable January 10    4

class A{ static int a=5; int b=6; void method(){ //method body a++; } } How JVM handles static variable handles static variable. for example...A object1=new A(); A object2=new A(); Above code will create two objects of class A in two different memory

JVM Stack Variables January 10    2

I understand JVM creates a Stack for each thread and that Stack contains calls to other methods as thread invokes them. I don't understand when it says Stack will also have local variables and partial results. I thought global and local variables (pr

Determine Golf Tee Order Function Java January 10    2

I am working on an Android application that needs to determine the current tee order based on scores in a round of golf. For those of you that don't know, the tee order (or honors) is the order a player hits their ball from the tee based on who had t

have a char reference an object in an array January 10    5

Is it possible to have a char point to an object in an array? im trying to have the characters : +,-,*,/ point to an index in my array.I AM WELL AWARE MY SECTION BELOW IS NOT CORRECT SYNTAX. its just my way of describing what i wish to accomplish. pu

is constructor required to initialize a static variable January 10    2

I have the following java code for insert and delete in a binary search tree. But it's my very first attempt with java, and would like to seek help for certain things before I can google the concepts.public class BinarySearchTree { public static Node

static methods that manipulates Date. multi threading issue January 10    3

Friends,I'm giving modified extract of my production code.When running the following code, I'm getting "TestDateProblem: Problem with getYear method" though I'm executing the getDateEndOfDay by passing auditdate1.I couldn't really solve this iss

When to use static classes and members January 10

Is it a good practice to use Static Classes / Methods?Adding Static members makes unit testing/mocking difficult and not a good SOLID oop practice.I would recommend use of static only for extension methods.What are your thoughts? When should one use

Cannot determine main class after importing January 10

I'm using Eclipse on a Mac. I'm learning java - previously used python.Originally created a new package and it worked fine, using public static void main(String[] args) In a separate package, I added acm.jar to my build path. That works fine: import

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