Python object proxying: how to access proxy January 10    1

I found this recipe to create a proxy class. I've used it to wrap a custom object and would like to overload certain properties and also attach new attributes to the proxy. However, when I call any method on the proxy (from within the proxy class), I

dynamic proxies with jmx can cause thread leaks January 10    1

I have a problem in Java where I set up a dynamic proxy with a JMX interface, pass this on to another component which then makes calls to the proxy object. When I do this, the application leaks two threads for each call, threads which never seem to t

Automatic Proxy Class January 10    2

Assume I have an interfaceclass I{ public: virtual void f(int id)=0; virtual void g(int id, float x)=0; } I need a proxy class, to do some sort of id to pointer mappingclass Proxy : I { I * i[5]; public: void f(int id) { i[id]->f(id); } void g(int id

pimpl to make template coding less cluttered January 10    1

I'm attempting to create a cleaner header file for reference/documentation of header classes while still recognizing the convenience of templates. So I've got a quick .h / .hpp file// mempool.h namespace internal { template<typename T,template<class

Need design advice for exclusive access to private class state January 10    2

I have a simple system I'm working on that involves serializing user objects. I have a series of specialized template classes that act on each type to be read/write differently:template<class T> class ItemSerializer; template<> class ItemSeria

Design decision conflict for methods in a class January 10    3

Ok I will try to explain this as much as possible. I have a class, say MyLib, the methods of which will be used by another class, say Consumer class. There is a public method called Navigate() in MyLib, which will be used by Consumer. This method sor

Is there a name for this type of design January 10    1

So I am writing a game (c#, xna), and was just wondering if there is a name for what I am doing. This isn't necessarily specific to Game Programming, or my game. But programming and encapsulation in general. Essentially I have two game objects, one (

How to match compiled class name to an enum member in Java January 10    5

In Java, with Sun's JDK 1.6, with an enum such as this:public enum MyEnum { FIRST_MEMBER { public void foo() { } }, SECOND_MEMBER { public void foo() { } }, THIRD_MEMBER { public void foo() { } }; } The compiled files are: MyEnum$1.class MyEnum$2.cla

What pattern applies to encapsulating contextual queries January 10

At the moment, my project at work has a very inefficient loop which is suffering the n + 1 problem to a great degree. (6n + 1, I think.) Currently, a number of web services instantiate an object whose constructor builds a canonical representation of

How to validate Hibernate mapping against database January 10    1

How to check that Hibernate mapping configuration matches database? I'd like know if I am using wrong version of hibernate mapping before I start executing update and queries, which then would fail.I have bunch of classes that have been mapped with H

Can a java method return value depending upon condition January 10    3

I have a ICoreClient interface and AClient and BClient classes implements this.ICoreClient is exposed for users. I need to add a new method in ICoreClient interface. So, it needs to be implemented in both clients. I can not make this method generic a

How can I add similar functionality to a number of methods in java January 10    6

I have a lot of methods for logging, like logSomeAction, logAnotherAction etc.Now I want all these methods make a small pause after printing messages (Thread.sleep).If I do it manually, I would do something like this://before: public static void logS

Call method from created jar file January 10

I created jar file using standart utulity jar. My jar contains single .class file, which code is listed below. I need to call method from this class. I found some instructions how to add jar for project in my IDE (i use Idea 14), but can't call a met

Storing web content in a JAR file January 10    5

Is it possible to store web content (such as JSPs, HTML, images, CSS etc) in a JAR file?I've been looking at various options at modularising our web applications and this is one possibility.We are currently using JSF and Facelets for our view technol

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