Flask URL Route: Route Several URLs to the same function

I am working with Flask 0.9.

Now I want to route three urls to the same function:

/item/<int:appitemid>/<anything can be here>

The <anything can be here> part will never be used in the function.

I have to copy the same function twice to achieve this goal:

def show_item(appitemid):

def show_item(appitemid, anythingcanbehere):

Will there be a better solution?

2 Answers
  1. Why not just use a parameter that can potentially be empty, with a default value of None?

    def show_item(appitemid, anythingcanbehere=None):
    2012-12-24 16:32:31
  2. Yes - you use the following construct:

    @app.route('/item/<int:appitemid>', defaults={'path': ''})

    See the snippet at http://flask.pocoo.org/snippets/57/

    2012-12-24 16:38:33
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